You will find in this section some tips, questions and tricks about Sojag and products.


Yes, it is possible to apply a spray to increase the impermeability and slow fading due to UV rays. These aerosols are available at pool specialists and hardware stores.

We have a large network of experienced installers across Canada. Contact us to obtain their coordinates at 1-866-901-1649.

You must contact retailers for their retail prices. Prices are subject to change during the season, retailers will be best positioned to keep you well informed.

The force and longevity of Sojag is based on our good distribution network with our retailers. We sell our shelters directly to retailers and they will be your contact to obtain these latest. Visit our Partners section to learn more.

The 10’ x 12’ format is relative to the roof measurements. Please verify the technical drawings in each of the product files on the website You will find the base measurements of all our structures in each drawing.

For a soft top shelter you will find a plastic tag on the inside of the roof with a piece of cardboard in it, indicating the model number.  For a hard top shelter there is a metal plate situated at the top of one of the pillars, with your model number on it.

Visit the Instruction Manual link from our website: click

Here is a short 2 minute video explaining how to easily install the polycarbonate panels.

It is essential to anchor Sojag shelters to the ground but it is not necessary to attach them to your home. You will therefore will avoid damaging your house coating. Please note that the hardware to anchor our shelters is not included. The hardware will be chosen according to the surface on which the structure will be placed.

You can wash the canvases, curtains, micas and screens with soap and warm water. Please use a mild soap.

Contact our customer service department by phone at 1-866-901-1649 or by email at [email protected]

Soft top structure: The fabric roof, screens, curtains and micas must be removed and set aside for the winter. The structures can stay outside.

Hardtop structure: These products are four seasons, which means they can be left outside all year round. However, any accumulation of snow must be removed from the roof.

Use of winter cover: It is important to anchor the canvas to the ground with weights. Here is an instruction manual that gives you more information to properly install the canvas.

Winter bar: In order to increase the strength of our structures, an expandable support bar is available. This bar adds a beam to the center of your structure.

Please contact a retailer near you with your model number, they will place an order for you with pleasure, or you can visit our partnering site